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I initially started this blog so that I could have some stored documentation that I was doing something important with my time. However, in time it's turned into a place for me to express to others things that I am passionate about, or what I've been thinking about.

What you might find here

Why Shiddy?

Any intentionally cool sounding names have always felt cringy. At some point shiddy stuck when playing a game with friends and I always thought it was more funny, and more suited in my efforts of thumbing my nose at all the aliases online.

About Me

I find a lot of gratification in learning new things, and distilling that information for others. I've always loved technology since I was a kid. Consequently, most of my life has been around trying to get computers to do what I want. If you feel even remotely the same way, you might find something to empathise with here, or you can contribute to the things that I work on on my Github page.

I have some higher education in computer science and have been working in industry for a few short years, working a myriad of jobs from Support, Stack Developer, to a Security Engineer. If you want to hire me, you can reach out to me on Linkedin. Otherwise feel free to reach out to the email in the footer below.